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disaffected adj : discontented as toward authority [syn: ill-affected, malcontent, rebellious]

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  1. past of disaffect


  1. alienated or estranged
  2. rebellious or resentful; without regard for authority

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Disaffected is the eighth album by Piano Magic.

Track listing

  1. You Can Hear the Room 6:22
  2. Love & Music 4:50
  3. Night of the Hunter 3:16
  4. Disaffected 7:18
  5. Theory of Ghosts 4:01
  6. Your Ghost 5:35
  7. I Must Leave London 3:07
  8. Deleted Scenes 3:59
  9. The Nostalgist 3:58
  10. You Can Never Get Lost (When You've Nowhere to Go) 4:18

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